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This mini-review was originally posted in the April 2020 article “Six Video Games to Pass The Time Playing This Week“.

Six Video Games to Pass The Time Playing This Week 7

Developer: Rayark Games
Publisher: PM Studios
Platform: Nintendo Switch (-Reborn- version also available on PlayStation 4)

While you cannot go wrong with any of the Rayark Games collection on the Nintendo Switch, given a choice between any of them, I would recommend choosing Deemo. Deemo is a rhythm game which is complemented by a simplistic fantasy tale, beautiful imagery and a song list of more than 200 songs from Taiwanese and Japanese composers which has been expanded upon through free post-launch patches. While available on other platforms, what sets the Nintendo Switch version of Deemo apart from others is its sheer number of songs without requiring any additional DLC.

Deemo for Nintendo Switch 1

Rhythm games tend to be reasonably pick-up-and-play in general, with Deemo being no exception. While exploring the castle, you will step into the shoes of Alice, a little girl with no memory of what brought her to the castle, the rhythm game segments see you take control of the mysterious being Deemo as he plays each song on a piano. With options to play using the touch screen or simplified mechanics using a controller, a lot of the value in Deemo comes from getting comfortable and enjoying the songs on your Switch directly or on the television.

Plus the artwork for each track is super cute… which is another plus! If you want to take a look at other rhythm games from Rayark on the Nintendo Switch, other options include Voez and the recently released CYTUS Alpha which themselves offer an enticing range of music and slightly altered gameplay mechanics.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Deemo for Nintendo Switch 7
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