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Mini Video Game Review

This Mini-Review was previously posted as part of the article ‘Get Musically Active This Week With These Four VR Rhythm Games‘ in early-May 2020.

If you spend any amount of time watching video game Youtubers, you have likely encountered at least a couple (if not hundreds) of videos featuring players of all skill levels tackling the next weird and wonderful custom map on Beat Saber. And why wouldn’t anyone want to play it? It combines catchy music with light sabers!

First released as an early access game in November 2018, Beat Saber receives arguably some of the most active development out of any VR Rhythm game and has a large community of enthusiasts behind it. The premise behind the game is simple, blocks come towards you in time with the music, and you must slash each of the blocks with your sabers in the direction indicated while dodging the occasional threat.

It can be very disorienting to do at first, and I would strongly recommend clearing out any trip (or people) hazards before you begin playing. But it is incredibly satisfying to progressively get the knack of things, gradually increasing your skill level and tackling songs you might have previously thought impossible.

Beat Saber 1

What is good about Beat Saber is its wider availability on platforms. Although I would strongly recommend a PC version if at all possible due to the active custom map development community, you can also grab a copy on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 which has no mod support. Regardless of which option you go for, however, you are in for a rewarding experience.

Beat Saber is now available to purchase on the PC (via Steam) and PlayStation VR. You do require a VR Headset and controllers to take advantage of the game’s systems.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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