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Fourth Crusader Industries Ship in Star Citizen Begins Concept Sale – Ares Star Fighter


Fourth Crusader Industries Ship in Star Citizen Begins Concept Sale - Ares Star Fighter 1

Having breached the $250 million dollar crowdfunding mark during their recent Citizencon 2949 festivities a couple of weeks ago and in advance of Alpha 3.8 going live, Cloud Imperium Games have showcased yet another ship currently in development for their ambitious space sim Star Citizen. Crusader Industries is one of the in-lore spaceship manufacturers in the game, which have a focus on commercial transport and military crafts.

While none of their ships are flyable to date, three have been available to pledge by the game’s public backers are different times. These include the Genesis Starliner passenger craft, C2 Hercules Starlifter cargo ship and the Mercury Star Runner blockade runner. Fourth on Crusader Industries’ list and now available to pledge towards is the Crusader Ares Star Fighter.

Best described as a “Heavy Combat Fighter” and with a pledge price to match, this ship comes in two variants – tailoring towards those who like either ballistics fired out of a Gatling gun or laser weaponry. You can find official descriptors of both ships below:

The Crusader Ares Inferno
Whether heading up a crew or hunting big ships solo, the Ares Inferno is a force to be reckoned with. This ballistic Gatling-equipped variant tears through gunship armor and turns smaller fighters to dust in seconds.

The Crusader Ares Ion
Spark fear in the corridors of the most formidable gunships and frigates with the Ares Ion. This laser-equipped variant delivers extremely powerful shots to quickly disable the shields of even the biggest enemy vessels.

Purchasing the ship will cost you $195.00 USD Warbond (Meaning that you are unable to use any accumulated credit) or $220.00 USD as standard. This makes them some of the more expensive single-seater ships in the game, especially compared to those without an interior to explore.

Both the Crusader Ares Inferno and Crusader Ares Ion are currently in concept phase, and there is no indication of when they will become flyable in the game. You can read more about the ship, and pledge towards one or both if you so wish, via the official Star Citizen website. Do note that most if not all ships you can pledge towards in Star Citizen’s crowdfunding period will be available in-game for in-game currency. Therefore, you should only pledge towards this ship if you want to pledge towards the development of Star Citizen for the value of the ship.


For the last few years, Star Citizen has been continuously crowdfunding through the sale of game packages, in-game ships and other items. It has currently raised more than $250 million. As the game stands at the moment, it is currently in its alpha phase, and it is currently unknown when the Persistent Universe module will actually launch in its final form. Just be aware that you are pledging towards an unfinished game at the moment, and like most crowdfunding campaigns, the usual risks – including potential non-delivery – apply in doing so. 

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