Aniplex of America to Bring Fate/Grand Order to Western Audiences in English

Although usually the one to publish Japanese anime in North America, Aniplex of America have confirmed they will be shaking things up a little bit by launching a Japanese mobile game in western markets later this year. In collaboration with DELiGHTWORKS Inc, the company confirmed their plans to bring an English version of Fate/Grand Order to North American territories in Summer 2017. Comparable to its Japanese version, this is planned to launch on both iOS and Android platforms.

In Fate/Grand Order, players will become Masters, who are able to recruit Heroic Spirits (Servants) and embark on a journey to the past known as “Grand Order”. Offering many characters who have been illustrated and voiced by some notable artists / VAs, this game offers both a main scenario and many individual character scenarios – which Aniplex of America claims currently spans more than one million words.

Further information on the English launch of Fate/Grand Order is expected to be announced at future anime conventions across the United States, beginning with Chicago’s Anime Central next month and Los Angeles’ Anime Expo in July.

Atsuhiro Iwakami | President of Aniplex Inc.

Fate/Grand Order has done incredibly well in Japan. It brings me a great joy to know that the fans in North America will soon be able to enjoy the game as well. The epic story and exciting battle system come together as the ‘greatest Holy Grail War in history.’ I hope we can bring this excitement to as many people as possible.


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