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School Uniform and [email protected] Costume DLC Latest to Launch for Tales of Berseria


School Uniform and Idolm@ster Costume DLC Latest to Launch for Tales of Berseria 1
Image Source: Tales of Berseria – High School Costumes Set Steam Page

Similar to what they have pretty much done with every game since Tales of Graces F in western markets, Bandai Namco have followed up their release of Tales of Berseria with weekly batches of both free and downloadable content.

These batches have generally consisted of a Catalog (which contains skits and provides access to costumes of the week), item or stat boost packs, and an assortment of downloadable costumes.

With a new weekly batch of downloadable content being made available this mornintg, players can now take advantage of two new costume sets. The first set is priced at $17.95 AUD, and is titled the “High School Costume Pack”. This provides new costume designs for Velvet, Rokurou, Laphicet, Eizen, Magilou and Eleanor – with each offering three colour variations.

School Uniform and Idolm@ster Costume DLC Latest to Launch for Tales of Berseria 2
Image Source: Tales of Berseria – [email protected] Costumes Set Steam Page

The second and cheaper of the two sets is the “[email protected] Costumes Set”, priced at $8.95 AUD. Coming in at approximately half the price of the other costume set, this features apparel for only Velvet, Magilou and Eleanor – based on different attire worn by characters in The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls.

Each of these costume sets are expected to come with a number of accessories as well, as evidenced from the artwork above. However, while it is convenient (and compared to some previous games, seemingly cheaper) to purchase these costumes in bulk as part of packages, it is a shame they haven’t at least offered the ability to buy individual costumes to those who want to mix and match. Going back to Tales of Xillia for example, in my case no more than two characters shared costumes from any one type of DLC costume.

This is not the last batch of downloadable content that was offered with the Japanese release of Tales of Berseria, so I would expect to see another wave of content released next week.

Both of the new costume packs are now available for purchase via the PlayStation Store (PS4) and Steam (PC).

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