Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis Are Collaborating on New Shooter: Nex Machina

For those who purchased a PlayStation 4 on the day of launch and took advantage of the free PlayStation Plus trial, Resogun was one of the first games that players may have enjoyed on the console. While nothing to extensive, the arcade-style shooter did offer both good challenge and a lot of replayability – and to this day still remains installed on my console for a quiet afternoon.

Resogun’s developer Housemarque have used PlayStation Experience (PSX) to confirm that a new title from them is currently in development. This project is being done in collaboration with Eugene Jaris, who has created arcade games including Defender and Robotron in the past. Titled Nex Machina, the company claim that this newest game will be “the most explosive town-down action shooter” they have developed yet. They also claim that Nex Machina “focuses on pure arcade action, voxel and competition”.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Mikael Haveri from Housemarque said the following about the game’s setting:

In a world where humans have become more and more addicted to technology, machines have evolved – from simple helpers, to replacements for unwanted jobs, to conscious entities with their own feelings. Robots surpassed mankind’s abilities, becoming the superior being, and started to refuse to serve us. After the singularity, the rise of the machines was inevitable – and unstoppable… but nobody even noticed, mankind’s best and brightest were too busy updating their status on social media. When all seems lost, out of the blue a mysterious hero appears: you. Who sent you? Will you save humanity from itself once again? And last but not least, are your skills sharp enough to confront an army of fiendish robots out for blood?

Expect to hear more about this arcade-style shooter in the coming months. Until then, check out the trailer above for a sneak peek at the game.