Find the Werewolf In Your Group – Werewolves Within Launches on VR Platforms

There is a werewolf in your midst, and you must gather around a virtual campfire to determine whom the threat is. Developed for the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive (w/ cross-platform play supported), Ubisoft have announced that one of their first multiplayer virtual reality games – titled Werewolves Within – is now available for purchase on all three platforms.

Developed by Red Storm Entertainment, Werewolves Within seeks to capture the essence and competitive spirit of being at the game table – all the while using VR technology. Supposedly inspired by “classic social games of hidden roles and social deduction”, players are taken to the small medieval town of Gallowston, where gathered around a campfire, they must deduce who among them are the werewolves. Designed as an online multiplayer experience for five to eight people, players assume randomly assigned roles at the beginning of each game, some of which grant special abilities that will help players deduce who is a werewolf in disguise.

Werewolves Within boasts some interesting mechanics surrounding VR Avatars, which includes animation based on voice inflection analysis and emphatic emotes. It seeks to capture real life actions and body language to reflect them through an in-game character.

Determining the werewolf is not meant to be a long and drawn-out experience, with Werewolves Within offering fairly fast-paced matches with player roles shifting between the rounds. Priced at approximately $44.95 AUD (PS Store), Werewolves Within requires one of the supported VR units to play, and can be purchased now.

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