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New Mario Adventures Now Available on Nintendo Consoles


Traversing a board competitively against other characters and exploring a paper-filled world, Mario and co have embarked on two new adventures as of this weekend. Nintendo Australia have released both the action-adventure Paper Mario: Colour Spash on the Wii U and Mario Party: Star Rush on the Nintendo 3DS in recent days – bringing two different experiences for gamers to enjoy.


First up, Paper Mario: Color Splash is an action-adventure game which sees the iconic plumber tasked with rescuing Prism Island, an island which is being drained of its colour. To accomplish this, he must recover the missing “Big Paint Stars” which have gone AWOL.


Secondly is Mario Party: Star Rush, yet another Mario Party game on the Nintendo 3DS. This title is set to change one of the integral components of both the Mario Party series and entire board game genre: taking turns (through simultaneous turns). The game offers several different modes, and it is possible for four people to play together with just one copy of the game (through the Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest software).


The recent spate of Mario games will lead into the launch of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System next month. Although not limited to Super Mario games, it does come with many Mario classics including Donkey Long. Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario.

New Mario Adventures Now Available on Nintendo Consoles 3
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