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RPG Maker Series Jumps from Computer to Smartphone, RPG Creator Announced



For many years now, the RPG Maker line of video game development software has given anyone from a single person with an idea to an entire creative team the option to easily bring their RPG concepts to life. While the early Japan-exclusive versions were the powerhouse behind games such as Corpse Party at first, newer editions from RPG Maker XP to RPG Maker MV have seen a wealth of creative games brought to market from solo and indie developers around the world.

But perhaps a small hindrance in recent years to some, is that you have had to have a computer or laptop in front of you to develop anything. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing given the ease of creating RPGs with little more than an idea, a mouse and a keyboard – we do live in a world where smartphones and tablet devices are prominent. Therefore, the need to be at a computer to develop an RPG through similar tools will be changing from the end of this month.

Degica have confirmed that they will be releasing RPG Creator on the iOS App Store from September 25th 2016. While I highly doubt it will have the same level of complexity as the PC and Mac versions, it will allow you to take advantage of many core features of the series – from building maps, creating NPCs/Monsters and constructing and playing through epic battles.

While I will be interested to see how easy it is to take advantage of some of these features on a small smartphone screen, you will be able to also create events which bring your RPG to life, and use an “extensive database” to modify and customise your game to your liking.

According to Degica, RPG Creator will support both iPhones and iPads. The app itself will have two different versions, which I imagine will come with different assets at the very least. The base version of RPG Creator will be free-to-play, while there will also be a Premium version on offer as well. Pricing of the Premium Edition and any downloadable content (if any) is unknown.

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