Familiar Faces and Beasts Featured in TGS 2016 Trailer for World of Final Fantasy

With Tokyo Game Show 2016 (TGS 2016) underway, Square Enix have taken the opportunity to release a new trailer for their upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita RPG – World of Final Fantasy.

Coming in at just over two minutes in length and dubbed into English, this video shows snippets of the journey to be experienced by protagonists Reynn and Lann, who find themselves in the world of Grymoire. Bound by a prophecy which will lead them to becoming either salvation or devastation to this world – the siblings find themselves encountering many familiar characters and beasts in this crossover experience.

This video also features the game’s opening theme song ‘Innocence2‘, which is performed by Mizuki.

World of Final Fantasy is a crossover RPG featuring many characters, beasts and other concepts from the varied universes of Final Fantasy. The game will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita starting October 25th 2016.