Western Launch of Grand Kingdom to Include Japanese DLC On-Disc

Nippon Ichi Software America are being quite generous in their upcoming release of Grand Kingdom on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. This is because content that in the Japanese version was only accessible as paid DLC, will be available on-disc at no charge to the player.

To start off with, all downloadable characters will be included in the game. This includes the Archer, Dark Knight, Noble, Paladin and Valkyrie – which were purchasable for about 300 yen apiece in Japan. Each of these classes have been featured in the above “Character Trailer”. While you may or may not use these classes depending on your party composition, tis’ always nice to have the widest number of options.

Nation Art-Resized

NIS America will also be throwing in the Four Great Nation campaigns, which each include nine new chapters for your party to work through (36 in total). These will allow players to learn more about the inhabitants of each nation, and get a wider sense of what is going on in the kingdom.

This is not to assume that Grand Kingdom won’t have paid DLC down the line, although whether or not they will be releasing future DLC has yet to be confirmed by Nippon Ichi Software America.

Grand Kingdom will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in PAL regions beginning June 17th. A North American edition will follow a few days later on June 21st.

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