Tom Clancy’s The Division – Update 1.1 “Incursions” Trailer

This week, Ubisoft will be releasing a free update for Tom Clancy’s The Division. Known as Update 1.1 or “Incursions”, this will introduce several new features and improvements to the streets of outbreak-ridden Manhattan. There are a large number of changes which are being implemented post-launch, with the full patch notes available HERE.

Some of these include a new incursion available in the Stuyvestant area known as “Falcon Lost”, which is only available to Level 30 characters who have completed the mission “General Assembly”. There are also new Gear Set equipment which can be acquired by completing some of the most challenging tasks throughout Manhattan. There are also new trading systems, an assignment system, Dark Zone supply drops containing non-contaminated gear, new high-end named weapons, a group spectator camera, updates to item drops and crafting, and more.

Some of these new additions and fixes have been highlighted in the above Incursions trailer.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was developed by Ubisoft Massive, and published by Ubisoft last month. The game is now available for purchase on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming platforms.