Short Preview Trailer Shared for The [email protected]: Platinum Stars

Following its time on the PlayStation 3, The [email protected] is finally bidding farewell to last generation consoles and moving onto the PlayStation 4. The first instalment of this long-running idol-raising franchise on the console is set to be The [email protected]: Platinum Stars, which is set to launch in Japan on July 28th 2016.

Providing a quick look at the game, Bandai Namco Entertainment have shared the above trailer. This provides a quick 30ish second glance at an in-game five person performance, featuring returning 765 Production idols Yayoi Takatsuki, Iori Minase, Ami Futami, Miki Hoshii and Hibiki Ganaha. Unfortunately the second half of this minute-long video comprises of non-ingame footage.

Outside of the iOS trilogy of games, no instalment in The [email protected] franchise has been available in western markets. Will The [email protected]: Platinum Stars be any different? Doubtful, but I guess we will find out sooner or later.