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CIG Take Fans on a Half Hour Tour of the MISC Starfarer in Star Citizen


One of the disappointing things about the most recent live version of Star Citizen for me was that it didn’t include the MISC Starfarer as a hangar-ready ship. But there are signs however that it will be available when Update 2.3 goes live in the future.

The MISC Starfarer serves as one of the larger ships set to go live in the Hangar module very soon, even requiring alterations to the Revel & York Hangar to fit into. This is, of course, because 90 metres is a lot of ship to fit into just a standard hangar. This ship is a transport ship, which boasts a cargo capacity of 3321 units (Although this is subject to change once updated figures come in), and can also serve as a dedicated fuel platform with specialised equipment.

While there are still a few details to iron out before this ship is made available in hangars, Cloud Imperium Games have taken the time to share an (almost) 35 minute “Ship Shape” video which goes into detail about the MISC Starfarer. This video is narrated by Jared Huckaby (Community Manager), John Crewe (Lead Technical Designer – Foundary 42) and Corentin Billemont (Jr Technical Designer – Foundary 42). You can watch the full video above.

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CIG Take Fans on a Half Hour Tour of the MISC Starfarer in Star Citizen 3
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