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How to Take Down An Overlord With a Trillion HP – New Gameplay Overview Trailer Released for Trillion: God of Destruction


With the assistance of six Overlord Candidates, players will soon be tasked with taking down the God of Destruction, who threatens to destroy the underworld. The only problem is, he has a trillion hit points (1,000,000,000,000 HP), and therefore isn’t someone that a little bit of training will see you taking down easily.

Highlighting how you will train to take down such a demon, Idea Factory International have released their first Gameplay Overview trailer for Trillion: God of Destruction. In three minutes, it will guide you through the process of selecting an overlord candidate to train, up until the moments you can start to tackle the God of Destruction.

Alternatively, you can read a detailed gameplay overview below:

The entire game is set on a countdown cycle in which you must train and get to know your Overlord before entering battle with Trillion. You’ll begin the game by choosing your Overlord to train, with each training regime granting points to certain stats. Those points are then used as currency to boost things like your HP and strength, but also to teach both Active and Passive battle skills!

Training passes time in the cycle and also increases Fatigue, so you’ll need to rest and/or spend quality time with your Overlord to recover some of that Fatigue and build up your relationship! With enough training you can enter the roguelike Valley of Swords where your Overlord can find new items and earn extra points.

Once you’ve gone through a cycle, you’ll get to enter a Mock Battle with Mokujin, who emulates Trillion’s attacks. Here, you’ll prove your mettle and try out your attack strategies, so make sure you’re prepared with the right equipment and have some Devil Envoys to back you up in battle!

Finally, after a few more cycles of training, building up your Overlord’s relationship, trawling the Valley of Swords, and sparring with Mokujin, you’ll be ready to face Trillion! Look out though, because even with all the training in the Underworld, your Overlord may have to sacrifice herself and pass her training onto a new Overlord, starting the training process again…

Trillion: God of Destruction is set for release exclusively on the PlayStation Vita starting March 29 in North America and April 1st in PAL regions. It will be available via both digital (via PlayStation Store) and physical (via retail store) channels.

Story Synopsis of Trillion: God of Destruction

More than a thousand years passed since the legendary battle against the Heavens. The demons of the Underworld lived an evil, yet fulfilling life in peace. And so it remained, until the appearance of Trillion, a demon god of destruction that sought to consume the world.

Its power unfathomable, it destroyed the Underworld’s forces. Even Zeabolos, the Great Overlord himself, was defeated.

On the brink of death, Zeabolos heard a mysterious voice from deep within. “It is too early yet for the lineage of the Great Overlord to fall…” Zeabolos was revived, his shambled body patched together again by a young necromancer named Faust.

Zeabolos gained the power of the Soul Grimoire, and decided henceforth to fight.

How to Take Down An Overlord With a Trillion HP - New Gameplay Overview Trailer Released for Trillion: God of Destruction 3
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