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Star Map Now Available via Star Citizen Official Website



As part of their CitizenCon 2015 festivities, Cloud Imperium Games took the opportunity to update the official Star Citizen website with a new ‘Star Map’ feature. Known as ‘Ark Starmap’, this will give players their first glance at the different star systems currently slated for inclusion in the Persistent Universe module when it (hopefully) launches in 2016.

For a first version, the star map is surprisingly in-depth and it is clear a lot of thought and time has been put into it. It wouldn’t surprise me if this would simply be transitioned over to the full game with a few extra features. Players are able to dive into the different systems and look at different planets, jump points, landing zones etc in full 3D (or 2D if you so desire). It is also possible to map routes between systems depending on the size of your ship (with ship size determining which jump points you can use) and use sensors to provide information on the population, economy value and security of a particular location.

One thing the star map doesn’t have at the moment is descriptive information on each planet/star/jump point/star system built into it. With information on the different systems being released by Cloud Imperium Games over the last couple of years, I hope to see this information added to the map soon. (Update: Although the information is limited, right clicking on the landmark will provide some information on it)

Another highlight of this website is that you don’t need to be a subscriber to access it. Just click HERE to check it out for yourself. Plan to register for Star Citizen? Please consider using my referral code (STAR-JCS6-3943), which will net you a bonus 5,000 UEC to spend in Voyager Direct (and for the sake of transparency, I will also get some perks).

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