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Two Hour Star Citizen Presentation Hosted at Gamescom 2015, Ambitious Alpha Release Plans Announced


Similar to other Gamescom events in past years, the team at Cloud Imperium Games hosted a two-hour long presentation which focused on several elements of Star Citizen and its upcoming Alpha modules. During this presentation, which was livestreamed on Twitch and subsequently uploaded in its entirety on YouTube, fans got a glimpse of demos of the Social Module, FPS Module (Aka. Star Marine) and Arena Commander 2.0’s multi-crew functionality. Elements from all three of these modules will ultimately contribute to the main Persistent Universe which is set for release in the coming years.

Ultimately I am not going to go into too much detail about any of these previews – as they are better off explained visually by watching them in the video above. That being said, taking into consideration that these were evidently carefully selected pieces of Alpha content, the previews were pretty exciting. Although as someone who is looking forward to taking to the skies in a Freelancer DUR, it is a little bit disappointing to see a bigger focus put on the larger multicrew ships.

Perhaps the biggest announcement however are new ambitious release date for early public alpha versions for the social (Persistent Universe v0 – Your First Visit to ArcCorp), FPS (Star Marine v1 – The Battle for Gold Horizon) and the latest Arena Commander (Arena Commander 2.0 – Man Your Stations!) modules. The social module is set for release by the end of this month, Star Marine by the end of September and Arena Commander multi-crew very shortly after CitizenCon.

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