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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Now Available in PAL Regions


Not only is Lost Dimension now available in PAL regions, but Nippon Ichi Software America have confirmed that their PAL region release of Onechanbara ZII: Chaos is now available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 at both retail outlets and the PlayStation Store (digitally).

Unlike the wait associated with Lost Dimension however, distributor Mindscape have also released the game in Australia and New Zealand. Gamers residing in these regions can also pick up the game both physically and digitally.

Official Blurb on Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is the latest iteration in the Onechanbara series featuring the world’s sexiest zombie slayers. With two sets of buxom vampire sisters at the player’s disposal, over a dozen stages of high-octane real-time swordplay await, each characterized by the hordes of zombies infesting the land and the over-the-top methods our heroes employ to kill them. Fight off the invasion in gruesome detail, sending limbs and blood flying every which way through a variety of physical attacks and acrobatic maneuvers, occasionally transforming into a demon for short bursts of added power and speed at the cost of life energy. Each of the four members of the so-called “bikini zombie squad” has her own unique abilities, and skillful play is rewarded with orbs that can be exchanged for upgraded weapons and outfits.

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