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Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess – Launch Trailer


With the game set for release in the next couple of days on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita gaming systems, Koei Tecmo Europe have shared their launch trailer for Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. This latest release serves as a sequel to Deception IV: Blood Ties, which was released by the same company back in early-2014.

This instalment includes the entire content of Deception IV: Blood Ties, in addition to a new ‘Quest Mode’ featuring a brand new character: Velguirie. In this mode, you will witness (and control) her rise to power through one hundred missions and three new stages. In addition to Laegrinna (the protagonist of ‘Blood Ties’) and Velguirie, there will be appearances from the protagonists of previous titles in the Deception series. The three other princesses are:

Millennia, the Clockwork Princess: Has more stamina than the other characters and the power to use traps in rapid succession;

Allura, the Branded Princess: Can automatically recover her stamina and use defensive abilities such as Recovery and Shock Wave;

Reina, the Tragic Princess: Has the unique ability to slow time and dodge enemy attacks

All three will appear as enemies at first, however can be defeated in such a way that will allow players to add them to their roster of playable characters, and use their powers to create different scenarios.

Those wanting to ‘try before they buy’ can acquire a downloadable demo off the PlayStation Store at no cost. This demo includes the first two chapters of the Story Mode (Including a tutorial) and 12 quests. To better illustrate what the gameplay would be like on higher levels, some features have been unlocked early. These include the ability to create 7-trap-long combo sequences, as well as some of Velguirie’s unique powers (Kick and Dash). However, save data from this demo will not be transferable to the final release.

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