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[E3 2015] Ubisoft Announce Anno 2205 for PC


Continuing to grow their strategic city-building series, Ubisoft have announced that the sixth instalment in their Anno franchise, Anno 2205, is in development for the PC and set for worldwide release beginning November 3rd 2015. Set in a futuristic world, Anno 2205 will enable players to leave the earth and venture into outer space for the first time in the series.

In Anno 2205 players will join mankind’s next step into the future, with the promise of building a better tomorrow by expanding into space. Players must develop rich metropolises on Earth that are capable of launching missions to the moon as they race to establish production colonies on the lunar surface. By mining the moon’s resources to send back down to Earth, Anno 2205 players will receive the benefits of technology advancements. The tools will help to expand their cities and transform them into thriving metropolises.

The new Anno 2205 Engine paves the way for players to build cities on islands five times the size of those in previous Anno games. It also allows for a high level of graphical detail in the game, so players can immerse themselves in futuristic cities that come to life with flying cars, more than a million thriving citizens, churning factories, and grinding mines. The gameplay uses a revolutionary session mode that lets players control several sessions on Earth and on the moon simultaneously, and to connect multiple regions via different sessions.

Benedikt Grindel | Studio Manager at Ubisoft’s Blue Byte Studio

We’re proud to take players beyond the realms of planet earth with the biggest Anno game ever. The development team has been working hard to ensure we are integrating fresh and innovative new content, whilst remaining faithful to the roots of the Anno franchise.

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