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Second Preview Trailer Released for Persona 4: Dancing All Night – Confirms Persona Usage


Rather than simply sharing another character trailer for Persona 4: Dancing All Night this week, ATLUS have instead released their second full-scale preview trailer for the PlayStation Vita exclusive rhythm game.

While approximately a third of its length is dedicated to President Tanaka promoting the various retail bundles and other goodies available for the game, a greater portion of the video is dedicated to highlighting each of the “playable” characters and some of the new features never before showcased. One of the big features previewed is the inclusion of Persona’s during songs, where they perform as summonable instrumentalists. It is currently unconfirmed if Kanami Mashita and Nanako Dojima, both of whom never obtained Persona’s in previous Persona games, will also have access to them.

The entire trailer is complemented by Persona 4: Dancing All Night opening theme: Dance!, performed by Shihoko Hirata and Lotus Juice.

Exclusive to the PlayStation Vita, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is set for release in Japan on June 25th 2015. An international release is set to follow later on in the year.

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