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Screencheat Invites PlayStation 4 Gamers to Become “Dirty Screen Cheaters”


Following a successful launch on the PC last year, Samurai Punk and Surprise Attack Games have announced that their chaotic party split-screen FPS, Screencheat, is headed to the PlayStation 4 in Q3 2015.

Based on the old-school split-screen multiplayer tactic of sneaking a peek at your friends section of the screen, Screencheat forces you to do just that to identify where other players are with respect to your location. Supporting both local and online multiplayer, combat in Screencheat is designed to be fast and furious with a variety of one-hit kill weapons ranging from traditional guns like the blunderbuss or grenade launcher through to unique options such as a hobby horse, a modified car engine that shoots bouncing plasma balls and a teddy bear loaded with explosives. While the game attempts to deliver a serious and complex shooting experience, it is not without its own quirks.

Screencheat comes with a variety of maps which have been designed with the screencheating mechanic in mind – with colour coded areas and landmarks which allow for quick identification of where other players are situated. The trick is to successfully land a shot with your opponent always moving and completely invisible.

When released, the PlayStation 4 version of Screencheat will contain all of the content introduced in the current PC version, as well as upcoming new features in development. These additions include two new maps, a new weapon and support for up to eight players on screen at once in online matches.

Nicholas McDonnell | Director and Lead Artist of Samurai Punk

Our FPS heritage is on console and FPS shooters of the PS2-era like TimeSplitters played an integral part in our childhood, so we’re really excited to be bringing Screencheat to PlayStation 4. Working in Unity makes it a breeze to port Screencheat over to PS4 and we’re looking forward to seeing the reaction from PlayStation gamers!

Chris Wright | Managing Director of Surprise Attack Games

Screencheat is such a natural fit for the couch multiplayer experience and we can’t wait to bring it to PlayStation 4 owners later this year. The team at Sony have been incredibly supportive and a dream to work with.

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