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The Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Becomes Hangar Ready in Star Citizen


For those of you who spent hundreds of dollars on purchasing an Aegis Dynamics Retaliator when it was still in concept stage, Cloud Imperium Games have confirmed that the ship is now available for you to wander through in Star Citizen’s Hangar Mode. This is a six person ship which serves as a Heavy Bomber, with the capabilities to match its name.

Those looking to nab themselves one of these ships will be looking at a price range of between $275.00 USD and $300.00 USD. A standalone ship which comes with the ship, six months of insurance and a VFG Industrial Hanger will only set someone pack $275.00. Those looking to purchase a package which gives you everything needed to access the game at launch will cost $300.00. Unlike many Hangar-ready ships, these are only available via the pledge store until March 30th.

For more information on the ship including a look at its in-universe promotional brochure and detailed stats, check out the official announcement post HERE.

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