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Seven Seas Announces New Tabletop Gaming Division



For many years now, Seven Seas Entertainment have provided a consistent stream of monthly manga releases to the international market, including manga produced in Japan (Eg. Kokoro Connect) and a little bit closer to home (Eg. Madeleine Rosca’s Hollow Fields). Until now, manga has primarily been the focus of their attention… until now.

The company have today launched their new Seven Seas Games brand, which they will be using to publish tabletop games to the Western market. They have proclaimed that their releases will “meld the anime aesthetic with strategic card and board games”, which is hoped to open up a brand new way for fans to experience their favourite titles.

Upcoming games released by Seven Seas Games will be available for purchase through a variety of retailers starting late 2015. In approximately 11 and a half hours from this post being published, their first game will be announced and launched through Kickstarter.

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