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Free Observer Mode Tool Being Developed for Evolve


The development team at Turtle Rock Studios and publisher 2K Games have this evening announced that they will be releasing a free “Observer Mode” tool for Evolve on all platforms supported by the game. Designed to be community oriented, this will allow players to observe and add commentary on matches held in Evolve, and livestream the action of all five players in a match as easily as possibly.

This will be facilitated by a “sixth player”, which will allow them to enter a custom game in Evolve with observer status. This will grant them the ability to seamlessly switch between the viewpoint of any of the five players in the match. Also included is an informative HUD which displays real time information throughout the match, including: health, survival odds, perks, the mini-map and more.

The sixth player can be added to the match on the Hunter/Monster selection screen rather than simply having someone random jump in mid-match. This is clearly a feature aimed at livestreamers, and serves to minimize the amount of equipment required and time spent to collect footage from all players and piece it together into an adequate video for posting online.

No release date for this tool has been confirmed, but it will require a copy of the game to use.

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