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New Persona 5 Trailer Looks at Elaborate Visuals and Gameplay


After more than a year after first being announced and so many years of waiting by fans, ATLUS have finally treated their loyal fanbase with a small peek at the gameplay and visuals of Persona 5.

Specifics are surprisingly limited, however we are given a look at some footage of the protagonist in addition to three additional characters: a guy and girl whom both have blonde hair and a cat-like mascot character. Igor is also confirmed to return. In-game footage includes a look at the battle system (Where every character dons a mask), the newly improved shop interface, dungeon navigation and the protagonist wandering around / hanging out at a bar.

The trailer also highlights their brand new visual style which is significantly different than the PS2-era visuals presented in Persona 3 / Persona 4. First impressions indicate that this is definitely a game you will want to nab on the PlayStation 4 rather than the PlayStation 3.

Persona 5 is currently in development for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, for a 2015 release in Japan. An international release has already been confirmed, and it wouldn’t surprise me if ATLUS decided to do a simultaneous worldwide release given the franchise’s popularity in Japan and internationally.

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