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Stormborn Studio Seek to Revolutionize Playing the “Mage” with Runes: The Forgotten Path


Although there are a few exceptions (Such as being a Bard in Ragnarok Online), whenever given the opportunity to choose a character class in either a single-player or online game, I opt to play the traditional “Mage” role. While games are usually creative in diversifying the class with different spell subcategories or a handful of distinct spells, quite often you spend your time behind the other characters shooting off spells with button presses.

This is what the small indie team at Stormborn Studio seek to improve upon, by introducing new game mechanics in a genre that they love. For their first game dubbed Runes: The Forgotten Path, Stormborn hope to deliver a fantasy RPG experience never seen before by revolutionizing the way that you play as the mage. Or do be more specific… how they have you become the mage.

Details are very limited at this time, but Stormborn Studio have shared a little bit on what they plan to deliver in the final product. Runes will see players take control of their hero’s arms through either analog stick movements or the more immersive means of hand gestures (Through tools like the Oculus Rift, STEM and possibly the Leap), with certain movements correlating to certain elemental runes. The combination of runes and elements will produce a spell that will be bound to the mage’s hand and ready to cast whenever necessary. In addition, through an experience point system, they hope it will be possible to customize and diversify yourself to your own personal preference.

Will you be a conjurer of arcane elemental creatures? A flame-throwing fragile glass cannon? A ninja necromancer? Or a storm lord, maybe? It’s up to you.

Play it your own way!

Stormborn have claimed that they ultimately want people to become “fully immersed in a virtual reality experience”, which is an ambitious goal and if done right could be something incredibly memorable. As someone who often plays as a mage in video games, I will be honest in saying that this idea genuinely excites me. No gaming platforms have been locked in yet for Runes: The Forgotten Path, however they have indicated that both the PC and home video game consoles are being considered.

The Otaku’s Study will be keeping a close eye on Runes: The Forgotten Path, and expect to hear more about it as Stormborn Studio share further details.

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