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CCP Games Confirm Deployment of Proteus Update in EVE Online Universe


It was announced by CCP Games last year that they would be shifting their EVE development schedule from approximately two major updates per year to an array of smaller updates that are more focused in their scope. Despite little more than a month passing since players got to experience everything “Rhea” had to offer, CCP have just confirmed that the latest updated dubbed “Proteus”, has been deployed on servers.

Some of the promoted features introduced in this update include:

  • Rebalanced Recon Ships. An entire class of ships has gone back to the design table with a notable change being immunity to detection by Directional Scanners for Combat Recons, making them incredibly deadly ambushers
  • Asteroid field effects bring pulverized rocks, dust particles, light rays and other atmospheric beautifications to the raw materials that help build the EVE universe
  • High end exploration sites offer hazards, traps and lucrative rewards for veteran explorers
  • 10 more groups of modules are streamlined and simplified to maintain the sophistication of EVE without overdone complexity
  • The beta star map gains even more features and improved visualization
  • A redesigned Gallente Exequror hull has been rolled out for the logistics ship
  • New player mining locations ensure that there will always be a fresh store of Veldspar for those venturing into the first few days in EVE

If the update has missed a feature you wanted or expected to see, you won’t have to wait long for the next one. EVE Online: Tiamat is due to be deployed starting February 12th 2015.

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