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After Fifteen Years, Heroes of Might & Magic III Re-released on PC, Tablet Platforms


Fifteen years after first being released, Ubisoft have announced that their HD Edition of Heroes of Might & Magic III is now available for purchase on PC and Tablet (Both iOS and Android) devices.

Although its age may be significant, Ubisoft have refined the graphics with the intention of making the experience visually pleasing but not inhibiting the classic strategy experience. This edition features the seven original campaign scenarios and 48 skirmish maps, however it is unknown if or when the “Armageddon’s Blade” and “The Shadow of Death” expansion packs will be available to players. In addition, this release will also include a local multiplayer mode, map editor and a Steam lobby for PC players where players can “share their experience with other fans of the franchise”.

Originally developed by New World Computing in 1999, Heroes of Might and Magic III: HD Edition can now be purchased via Steam or the Uplay store for PC devices. As you would expect, it is possible to purchase the iOS and Android editions through the App Store and Google Play respectively.

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