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PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to Launch in China Beginning January 11th 2015



The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita are set to finally launch in the People’s Republic of China on the 11th January 2015. One will be able to pick themselves up a PlayStation 4 unit (CUH-1000 series) for 2,899 RMB (Approximately $566 AUD) and a PlayStation Vita unit (PCH-2000 series) for 1,299 RMB (Approximately $254 AUD). Sony Computer Entertainment have committed themselves to offering a “robust after-sales service” to ensure that Chinese users have a “smooth and positive experience” using their new consoles.

Game releases in China doesn’t seem too bad either, with SCE Worldwide Studios and more than 70 third party software developers/publishers planning to deliver a “steady stream” of software titles to gamers in China. Chinese developers are also going to give the console a shot, with titles such as King of Wushu ( Suzhou Snail Digital Technology CO., Ltd), Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Shanghai Youju Information Technology Co., Ltd) and One Tap Hero ( Shanghai Kena Information Technology Co., Ltd) also headed to the PlayStation platform. Approximately 26 developers for the region have been confirmed to be developing for the console. SCE will actively provide support to Chinese game developers in cooperation with Modian.com and their business partner Shanghai Oriental Pearl SUOLE Culture Development Ltd.

Andrew House | President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

PS4 is expanding at the fastest rate in PlayStation hardware history, and the global gaming community is enjoying the ultimate entertainment experience only available on PlayStation. We are delighted that we are able to fully launch our business in China, which is a market with great potential. We look forward to delivering exciting software, convenient services and entertainment experiences only possible on PlayStation to the many gamers in China.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita to Launch in China Beginning January 11th 2015 3
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