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Christmas Event Begins in The Settlers Online



Ubisoft and their Blue Byte subsidiary have kicked off the annual Christmas event in their free-to-play browser game The Settlers Online. Players will be able to experience the holiday season on their islands with snowfall, decorations and a massive Christmas tree.

In a brand new adventure, players will be asked to step into the shoes of Santa in ‘Spirit of Christmas’. This event will see players helping to cheer up children and other frightened Settlers by producing buffs such as Pony Rides or Toys to comfort them, and brighten their huts with festive decorations. Presents, the event resource, can be collected to trade in exchange for special items. Players will also want to refer to the Christmas calendar, which will help them through the entire event by giving them special rewards and requests they can fulfill.

As an added bonus, the 6th building upgrade for silos will be provided with this event.

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