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NIS America Confirm Release Date For htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary



Nippon Ichi Software America’s video game department has been quiet for the past couple of months, however the good news is they have finally made a new announcement confirming the release date of htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary. The company has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita exclusive Puzzle/Action game will be available starting February 24th 2015 in North America via both digital and retail outlets, and February 25th 2015 in PAL regions as a digital-exclusive.

This is a game that will be unlikely to support the PlayStation TV, as it requires players to use the Vita’s front touchscreen and back touchpad  to navigate a young girl through dangerous ruins. Two fairies – one operating in light, and the other in shadow – must work in tandem to uncover this girl’s memories and save her from the darkest of fates.

In the depths of a labyrinthine ruin, a young girl named Mion rises from a deep sleep. Lost, alone, and with no memory of how she got here or where her parents are, she is greeted by two fireflies—one composed entirely of light, and another who lurks among the shadows. By shifting between a world of light and a world of shadows, these two fireflies must work together to recover Mion’s memories and lead her out of the ruins, where voracious shadow beasts, ancient machines, and treacherous traps lie in wait to bar her path. But what secrets do Mion’s lost memories contain? What is the connection between her, the ruins, and the fireflies lighting her escape? The answers may reveal a deeper darkness – one that must be faced from within…

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