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Rabbids Appisodes Now Available in Australia on iOS Platform



For almost a whole console generation (Until Rayman Legends), Rayman was pushed aside and his spotlight given to the lovable yet dimwitted Rabbids. Originally starting out as an anthology of mini-game collections, the creatures took over airwaves with Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ Rabbids Invasion TV series back in 2013.

Since then, the Ubisoft Paris Studios have developed a series of Rabbids Appisodes for iPad devices, which is now available exclusively in Australia on the App Store. The app itself and the first “appisode” are free, while the remaining three chapters are available at a cost.

Rabbids Appisodes is a new kind of experience in which kids can not only watch their favourite animated TV show, but also play along to unleash the Rabbids’ silliness! While the episode is running, kids will watch, play and interact with the Rabbids on their silly adventures. Kids can mimic the Rabbids through fun-filled activities using touch, gyro and voice controls. Kids can play appisodes wherever and whenever they want on their iPad through direct download or streaming.

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