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PAX Australia 2014 Schedule Now Live


TryvpyfMI personally think that PAX Australia 2014 will be an incredibly stressful event for some people…. for all the right reasons.

Earlier today the PAX team unveiled their full schedule for the event across all three days, with a wide variety of presentations, tourneys, signings and more set to take place. With so many options to choose from in every half-hour block, expect to struggle with what you will be seeing and what you will sadly have to pass on. Check out the full schedule HERE.

While I will not be attending the event due to my attending another conference up here in Queensland, I do have a few personal recommendations on what you should consider checking out.

My first recommendation is: “Let’s get Serious: Games are changing, get involved!” presented by Jane Cocks, Izzy Gramp, Dan Monceaux, Amani Naseem and Paul Stapelberg.

My second recommendation is: “Games Industry Trends – beyond 2014” presented by Professor Jeff Brand (Who regular readers of The Otaku’s Study will recognize), Foad Fadaghi and Ron Curry.



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