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Kemco Release Android Demo for Fortuna Magus


Japanese mobile video game publisher Kemco have announced the availability of an English-language demo for their JRPG Fortuna Magus which is now available on the Google Play store for Android platforms.

The demo is completely free and showcases a small section of the game, which can then be upgraded to the full game via in-app purchasing. While it will eventually set you back $7.99 if you choose to wait, Kemco is currently offering an upgrade price of $3.99 for an unspecified time period.

Fortuna Magus is also available on the App Store for iPhone devices. No demo has been confirmed for this platform.

Amane and Tia are determined to find their missing father. One day, they encounter a magus who bears the same mysterious mark their father had on his arm. They offer him a room for the night, only to find themselves on the other side of the law for aiding a known magi…

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