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XSEED Games Announce Demo Plans for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE, Confirm DLC Schedule



Video game publisher XSEED Games have announced that they will be releasing a demo of Ragnarok Odyssey ACE on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms from May 13th, 2014, more than a month after the game was released on both consoles.

In the lead up to this demo launch, gamers who own the title on either platform will be able to take advantage of three weeks of complementary DLC content, featuring content based on three other franchises (Soul Sacrifice, Emil Chronicle Online and Puzzle & Dragons) and miscellaneous content. Additional content is planned for the coming months:

A schedule of content for the next few weeks is available below:

Available today

– SOUL SACRIFICE set: Noble Raiment (male & female), Sorcerer’s Hood (male & female) and Librom (headpiece)

– Gapap Tentacle (headpiece)

– Homesick Sakura (headpiece)

May 6

– EMIL CHRONICLE ONLINE set: Tiny Costume, Tiny Alma, Tiny Doll, Tiny Hat, Tiny Headgear and game music

– Cool Sunglasses

– Ancient Tiara

May 13

– PUZZLE & DRAGONS set: King Metal Dragon Helm and game music

– Great Sage’s Hat

– Silk Hat

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