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Corpse Party: Blood Drive – Japanese Release Date Confirmed With New Screenshots



After twice experiencing the harrowing halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School twice on the PlayStation Portable, 5pb and MAGES are returning for at least one last jaunt in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. The companies have announced that the game will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita from July 24, 2014 and will feature a new visual style, new characters and a completely new plot.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive will take place a couple of months after the prologue of Book of Shadows. Posed with the potential of freeing her friends from the grim fate that they were left in during the original game, Ayumi seeks to regain the Book of Shadows and enter the school once again to set things right… all at the bequest of a mysterious hooded man named “Misuto Kiriya”.

As the screenshots show, the gameplay is similar in design to Corpse Party: Blood Covered in that you can freely move around the environment rather than the point-and-click visual novel system used in Book of Shadows which unfortunately didn’t work as well as they could have. The visuals have received a boost as well, opting to use 3D character models rather than 2D sprites, while retaining the original 2D character portraits style.

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