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Vertiginous Golf Announced – Just Your Everyday “Steampunk Physics-Based, First-Person, Exploratory Mini-Golf” Game


Australian indie games label Surprise Attack Games alongside indie developers Kinelco and Lone Elk Creative have today confirmed that they will be bringing Vertiginous Golf to fans of the dystopian steampunk golf genre everywhere… in addition to those who like myself would never have thought this genre would actually exist. The game is approved for launch via the Steam service and will be available through Steam Early Access during March 2014. A beta edition is also available via the games website for $10.

Vertiginous Golf has been described as a physics-based, first-person exploratory Mini-Golf Game set in an alternate, steampunk-infused world where life on the ground is enveloped in permanent smog, constant darkness and never-ending rain. Players will chip and putt their way around floating courses with complex machinery and Victorian-era décor, as they slowly discover what the hell is going on. Let’s be honest…. who needs action or randomly generating dungeons to solve a mystery when you can play mini-golf!

Chris Wright | Managing Director of Surprise Attack Games

This sort of game is basically why we set up Surprise Attack in the first place. I mean, who makes a game about mini-golf in the sky, with elaborate victorian contraptions, a golden mechanical hummingbird you can use to explore the levels and a mysterious story to uncover? Awesome people, that’s who.

Christian Holland | Director at Lone Elk Creative

We’re excited to be working with Surprise Attack for our new game Vertiginous Golf. Their enthusiasm and skills have already helped shape the evolution of the project and we’re confident they’ll help get the game to the right audience with the right message. With a Steam release in the pipeline and management of community and social media, it allows us more time to communicate with our community and concentrate on the game’s development.

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