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The 2014 Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers Headed to Australia



Activision have announced that their annual Call of Duty Championship will have a qualifying round in Australia and New Zealand this year, with three and one spots up for grabs in each region respectively. With four qualifying spots still available, players can head to Melbourne to compete in a Preliminary LAN Qualifier which awards the final four qualifying spots to the Call of Duty Championship ANZ Final.

The top 8 teams will compete against each other at the ANZ Final set to take place in Sydney on March 1st and with a local prize pool of $15,000 on offer, it’s even more incentive to put your best team forward.  The two best teams of the tournament will head over to the US to represent ANZ.

The US finals will take place in Los Angeles between the 28th and 30th March 2014, where 32 of the best Call of Duty teams from around the world will battle it out until only one remains – who will win not only the title but a cool $1 million to share. But PlayStation gamers may want to get familiar with the controls of the Xbox One controller, as this event is being supported by Microsoft – with the matches to be live-streamed through the Xbox Live.

Eric Hirshberg | CEO of Activision Publishing

Last year’s championship came down to the final minute of the final match with everyone holding their breath to see who would win. The skill, passion and energy brought by these teams and the crowd looking-on showed just what makes our community the best in the world. Call of Duty is more than a video game. It’s a pastime shared by millions. It’s exciting to play and fun to watch, and we can’t wait to see what this year’s event has in store.

For more information on this event and how to take part, click HERE.


The 2014 Call of Duty Championship Qualifiers Headed to Australia 3
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