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ATLUS USA Sneakily Hints at Devil Survivor 2: Break Record Localization in Digital Christmas Card



While as a publisher ATLUS USA usually do surprise fans with game acquisitions and announcements, it is not past them to sneakily tease upcoming localization projects through vague teaser websites or things you might not be expecting to see an announcement in. The US-based publisher recently released a digital Christmas Card via their ATLUS Faithful newsletter, with the letters ATLUS in the card incorporating imagery from different series they have published over the last year…. bar one.

The letter “A” covers Devil Survivor 2 which was released on the Nintendo DS that was released in North America during February 2012. While this could have been an honest mistake, the artwork also features Miyako Hotsuin who is a character to exclusively be included in the enhanced 3DS port of the game Devil Survivor 2: Break Record.

I smell a new title announcement around the corner!

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