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PM Studios Release Their First Mobile Game “Casino Star”



Video game developer PM Studios and publisher Next Exit have announced the release of their very first mobile app Casino Star on iOS Devices. If you can’t already tell from the above image, Casino Star is a new social casino app for the iPad, allowing gamers to play their favorite slot games / video poker from the comfort of wherever they are sitting.

While there seems to be a number of in-app purchases – especially coin sets to play the machines, it is not necessarily a P2P game. Each day the game will provide you with 20,000 free coins in addition to other bonuses you can obtain through various means. The game also features a new luck system where players can share their friend’s luck with the chance to win more money.

Currently the title is only available on the iPad, with an iOS release planned for the coming weeks.

PM Studios Release Their First Mobile Game "Casino Star" 3
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