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Tales of Xillia 2 – Tokyo Game Show 2013 Trailer


While the Tokyo Game Show is currently being held in Japan, this has not stopped Namco Bandai from releasing an English trailer for a game that has now been out in Japan for more than a year. With Tales of Xillia now out on the international market and receiving a relatively strong reception, Namco Bandai have chosen to localize its sequel Tales of Xillia 2 and release it to market sometime in 2014.

Above is our first look at the game, which focuses on three new characters in the sequel who are to be complemented by all the original party members (and two other familiar faces) from Tales of Xillia. These three new characters include the games main character Ludger Will Kresnik, his non-playable brother Julius Will Kresnik and eight-year-old girl Elle Mel Mata who seeks to help her father (She joins the party but is never playable in the game).

Also take a look at the below screenshots…. and read my review of the game while you are at it.

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