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Youtube Geek Week Revives Knightmare Game Show From Almost Two Decades Ago


While I have no particular memories of this show (Perhaps because its production run ended when I was only 3 years old), I personally feel that the children’s game shows of my youth were very creative and innovative in comparison to what I generally see on the television nowadays (Exceptions permitting of course).

Knightmare was a British children’s show aired between 1987 and 1994, and was an adventure game show where a team of three children had to lead their fourth team member through a medieval castle environment. The catch is that the fourth team member known as the “Dungeoneer” was sightless and had to rely on the guidance of the three others to escape. Of course the environments relied on blue screen technology and was essentially a virtual reality game show…. but it has had some degree of popularity since its run ended.

However as part of Youtube Geek Week, the show’s original creator Tim Child alongside a number of new and returning cast members returned to do a full-blown one off special of Knightmare. In this special it is not children but popular Youtube stars who appear as participants with Ashens taking the lead as Dungeoneer with Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil and Emmablackery as his guides.

You can watch the episode above or head on down to its Youtube Page. More on the Geek Week festivities can be found on the official “Youtube” Youtube channel

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  1. Very unexpected. Kinda neat though. As a kid from the US, I have no idea about this or it’s impact on children in the UK, but I’m assuming it was like a Nick Arcade or Legends of the Hidden Temple over there, so cool of Youtube to revive it in some form. Now, if Youtube were to revive Legends of the Hidden Temple, THAT would be something!

    • Just had a look at Legends of the Hidden Temple after you mentioned in Vince, it seems to be at the very least of the same “adventure game show” genre as Knightmare. Both very creative which I think is what you need to capture an audience (Never wanted to watch simple quiz shows before or after school – had enough of that for six hours a day)

      I don’t recall many if any game shows from either the US or UK reaching us over here in Australia. We had a couple of good ones however I can’t remember their names >_>.

      I think especially our generation growing up had some of the best children’s game shows however!

      • Actually I do remember one game show for a particular reason.

        It was a show called A*mazing that had a sort of elaborate maze the teams had to go through to collect letters and later keys. But more notably it also featured a video game segment where one member from each team had to go up against each other in a game such as Mario Kart.

        Always stood out in my mind even if I had to research the name just now.

        • The important thing is remembering that TV used to be so much better, right? All of these shows (and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego; again though, don’t know if that one aired outside the US) taught Teamwork, history, geography, physical fitness, etc. Man… are there even any shows out now that teach kids anything these days? Besides the age-old lesson of, “You should bug your parents to buy this crap”, that is 🙂


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