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SimCity Update 7 – Did Someone Say Bridges and Tunnels?


While SimCity (2013) had the potential of being up there with the much loved earlier installments in the franchise (With SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 being most memorable to me), it instead enjoyed a launch riddled with online server issues, small city sizes and a lack of rudimentary features that any aspiring mayor would like to have at their disposal.

In a new developers diary released by Electronic Arts this week, Lead Gameplay Scripter for SimCity, Guillaume Pierre, demonstrated in two minutes the new Raise/Lower tools to be available in the game when SimCity Update 7 launches later this month. This means that mayors will finally be able to incorporate bridges and tunnels into their city’s planning to ensure traffic moves at a much nicer pace. A feature that was very surprising not to have appeared in the original release.

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