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First Star Software’s PAL Release of Boulder Dash-XL 3D To Be Released on Nintendo eShop Next Week



First Star Software Inc. in collaboration with UK-based video game publisher Reef Entertainment have just confirmed that the PAL region release of Boulder Dash-XL 3D is headed to the 3DS Nintendo eShop from the 22nd August 2013.

While I am not familiar with the original title, this is a long time coming sequel to the 1984 classic action-puzzler. Players set forth as Rockford or Crystal, and mine their way through a variety of hazardous, three dimensional caves collection diamonds whilst avoiding the cave collapsing or an eerie menagerie of deadly creatures that lurk in the dark depths.

Boulder Dash-XL 3D is to be available at the relatively cheap price of £4.49 / €4.99.

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