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After Successfully Getting Through Steam Greenlight, Game Dev Tycoon Finally to Be Released Later This Month on the Steam Service.



Ever wanted to run your own video game development studio without the pressure of requiring funding, employees, a work office, needing to spend years pouring over books or having to produce a tangible product at the end of endless nights without sleep? Alternatively do you just want to pretend like you are a CEO of a game development company with a comfy swivel chair watching all your employees create gaming magic?

Irrespective of your dream, independent video game developer Greenheart Games seem to have produced Game Dev Tycoon just for you!

After successfully doing what many other games still haven’t been able to do yet – master their way through Steam Greenlight, the studio have confirmed that the game will be available for purchase on Steam from the 29th August 2013 for both PC and Mac platforms. The release has had a number of updates made to it in response to user feedback, and will be available with a launch price of $7.99.

Greenheart Games recently drew attention to their game by purposefully uploading a “cracked build” of their game which saw the players studio inevitably lose money and fail due to piracy. You can read more on this… interesting course of action via the studios blog HERE.

In Game Dev Tycoon, players get to start their own game development company and play through the history of game development. Players will start their humble business in a garage in the 1980s. As they research new technologies, create best selling games, hire and train staff they will grow their business and their impact on the industry. Players get the ability to make their own virtual games, choose the genre and what platform to release on. As they grow they will get opportunities to move into bigger offices and unlock secret labs, become the leader of the market and gain worldwide fans.

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