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TERA Online Weekend Sale – Jumpsuits and Leotards at Half Price



En Masse Entertainment, the North American host of the online game Tera Online have confirmed that they will be holding a 50% off sale through the Valkyon Outfitters store. Specifically this sale relates to four different items available on the companies online cash shop – Jumpsuits and Leotards. The four items available for purchase under this sale are as follows:

  • Jumpsuit of Death: A permanent addition to your wardrobe (for male characters).
  • Leotard 3-pack: It’s like dance recital, all over again (for female characters)!
  • Magic Box: What’s inside is always a surprise…but it’s an even more pleasant one when it’s the rare “Black Magic” costume.
  • Martial Arts Box: A whole box of martial materials and maybe even the rare Kill BAM costume…just in case you have some huge vermin to kill.

While it may not be for school uniforms or maid attire, if you are playing the now Free-to-Play game and want to diversify your characters appearance through either of these costume styles, now may be a good time to consider purchasing them while the sale is on.

The discounts start Friday, June 7 at 11 am. PDT and end Monday, June 10 at 11 am PDT.

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