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[E3 2013 Announcement / Trailer] Rocksmith 2014


According to a study conducting by the Research Study Group and eagerly promoted by Ubisoft, their Rocksmith title is being heralded as the fastest way to learn the guitar (See: Ubisoft Promote Study by Research Study Group – Claims Rocksmith is the Fastest Way to Learn the Guitar). Alongside this announcement they promised that E3 2013 would hold some Rocksmith oriented news and this ended up being the opening title for their press conference.

This announcement came in the form of Rocksmith 2014 – a new edition of the game which includes a “Session Mode” which carries through a number of tracks but with the added perk of being able to select a custom band composition to play with – including the drums, bass and keyboard to complement your guitar skills.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition is set for release on the Playstation 3, XBox360 and PC platforms this October.

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