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Atelier Escha & Logy – Trailers for the Two Protagonists


Escha Ver.

With the launch of Atelier Escha & Logy in Japan drawing closer and closer, the Gust Corporation have once again had a busy week in promoting the game. Last week saw not only the released of a full trailer for the game, but also two slightly shorter trailers which focused o the two individual selectable protagonists for the game 15 year old Escha Mailer and 18 year old Logix Fiscario – both of whom are alchemists albeit of different styles. While you only get to choose one of these two as a protagonist in each playthrough, the other will serve as a party member.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky of is set for release in Japan on the 27th June 2013 exclusively for the Playstation 3 platform. It is a chronological sequel to Atelier Ayesha, and features a number of crossover characters, the most surprising omission currently being Ayesha Altugle – the protagonist of the last game. No international release of the game has been confirmed, but it is E3 this week so anything is possible.

Logy Ver.

Atelier Escha & Logy - Trailers for the Two Protagonists 3
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