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The Tim Schafer…. uh….. The Humble Double Fine Bundle Launches


For the gamer with a budget but a big appetite for games, there are things like the Humble Bundle service that allow you to pay whatever you want for a hearty collection of games. This time around we have “The Humble Double Fine Bundle”, which features three games from the development team at Double Fine – and the possibility of unlocking three tiers depending on how much you pay which can include up to two additional games and a t-shirt.

At the standard price you can get your hands on Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking, with additional tiers (Currently $7.92, $35 and $70) unlocking you Brutal Legend, Broken Age and a T-Shirt respectively. All three games are DRM-free, cross-platform and you can spread out your payment between company, charity and the site themselves. As of this post there have been 61,014 purchases with a total of $482,061.84 raised. Oh…. and as Double Fine is the studio of Tim Schafer…. enjoy the three and a half minute trailer (For Free) at the very least.

Check it out HERE.

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